Several companies previously known for producing baseball trading cards saw the historic events unfolding in 1991, soon to be known as "The Gulf War," as an opportunity to document the action via their own unique media. Thus were born the Desert Storm Cards and one of the first sets to appear was from Topps, with three series of cards.

Although the cards from Topps were the only ones to include stickers, each competing manufacturer's set displays a unique quality.  Check out the way each company chooses to describe the action and decides upon what picture is worthy. Eventually, you'll want to collect and enjoy them all!
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Crown Sports: The Desert Storm Card Collection: 20 cards.          $16.95 plus postage*

Crown Sports: The Desert Storm Collection

The Crown Sports Desert Storm Collection was an issue of caricatures not unlike the editorials seen in daily newspapers.  They were cartoons depicting the precarious situation Saddam Hussein's troops were in while at the same time boasting the superiority of the Coalition forces.  As entertaining as these cards of bravado were, they should definitely be taken "tougue in cheek."  This is a small, but particularly rare, totally offbeat card set and definitely belongs in any card collection of the Gulf War era.  There were several short releases of this set: First as a 9 card set, then a second issue of 10 more cards and finally as a full 19 card set, with an additional 20th "checklist" card.  You will receive the complete 20 card set with all of it's craziness.
   Crown Card List

1 "In Your Face"
2 Quarterback Sack
3 Foiled Again
4 "Make My Day"
5 Over the Top
6 "Dance, Pilgrim"
7 Rambush
8 Cutting Remarks
9 First Round TKO

10 Scudbusters
11 USA - Leading the Way
12 An Easy Strike
13 Record Time
14 "Batter Up"
15 A Major Achievement
16 Stormin' Norman
17 Behind the 8 Ball
18 World Championship Team
19 "Been Keepin' Bad Company, Boys"

20 Checklist / Header Card
Display Of Crown Sports The Desert Storm Card Collection Trading Cards
Sampling Of Crown Sports The Desert Storm Card Collection Trading Cards
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