Several companies previously known for producing baseball trading cards saw the historic events unfolding in 1991, soon to be known as "The Gulf War," as an opportunity to document the action via their own unique media. Thus were born the Desert Storm Cards and one of the first sets to appear was from Topps, with three series of cards.

Although the cards from Topps were the only ones to include stickers, each competing manufacturer's set displays a unique quality.  Check out the way each company chooses to describe the action and decides upon what picture is worthy. Eventually, you'll want to collect and enjoy them all!
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Spectra Star: Troops Desert Storm

Spectra Star started out late, with an ambitious goal: it was to release five series of cards, each release to be made up of sixty cards.  These were distributed in rack packs consisting of a full complement of cards in one of the five categorical subsets: Troops, Armor, Weapons, Aircraft and Ships.  This would eventually have been a total of 300 cards!  Unfortunately, only the first series made it onto shelves in any numbers. Rack packs are available here and there consisting of some of what would have been a second 60 cards, but not likely in numbers from which an entire second set could be compiled.  So, the main set consisted of 60 cards, beautifully done, on white stock, with red, white and blue trim.  It's too bad we weren't treated to more of these well annotated cards.
   Troops Card List

1 Stealth Fighter
2 A-10 Warthog
3 Strike Eagle
4 Apache
5 Intruder
6 AV-8B
7 Wild Weasel
8 B-52
9 Tomcat
10 Falcon
12 Tornado

13 USS Long Beach
14 USS Brewton
15 USS Kitty Hawk
16 USS Halsey
17 USS Charles F. Adams
18 USS Luce
19 USS Oliver Perry
20 USS Blue Ridge
21 USS Hermitage
22 USS Wisconsin
23 USS Arkansas
24 USS New Jersey

25 LAV
26 M551
27 M1A1
28 M113
29 LVTP-7
30 M110-A2
32 T-72
33 T-62
34 ZSU-23-4
35 BMP-1
36 M2

37 Tomahawk Firing
38 Patriot
39 Patriot Firing
40 BGM-71 (TOW-2)
41 Tomahawk
42 Cluster Bombs
43 MK83
44 M249
45 AT-4
46 MK-19-3
47 Hellfire
48 Maverick

49 Gen. Schwarzkopf
50 Gen. Powell
51 President Bush
52 Saddam Hussein
53 Lt. Gen. Horner
54 Flight Crew
55 Stormin Norman
     /King Fahd
56 Troops Deploy
57 Live Fire
58 Combat Patrol
59 Howitzer Crew
60 Deck Crew
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