Several companies previously known for producing baseball trading cards saw the historic events unfolding in 1991, soon to be known as "The Gulf War," as an opportunity to document the action via their own unique media. Thus were born the Desert Storm Cards and one of the first sets to appear was from Topps, with three series of cards.

Although the cards from Topps were the only ones to include stickers, each competing manufacturer's set displays a unique quality.  Check out the way each company chooses to describe the action and decides upon what picture is worthy. Eventually, you'll want to collect and enjoy them all!
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Topps Desert Storm: Series 2 - Victory Series

Series II
Topps Trading Cards' second issue of cards which chronicled the Gulf War of 1991 was called simply Topps Desert Storm - Series 2: Victory Series.  The actual battles lasted less than a week but it was less well defined as to when "victory" was achieved.  Was it when the Iraqi Revolutionary Guard began to leave Kuwait?  Topps continued it's reporting, with even more soldiers and machines used by the Coalition during this crisis.

The second and third series of cards also contained stickers, but was limited to 11 in each.  As with the first series of stickers, the backs of the sticker holders created a vivid Gulf War scene when arranged correctly.
Display of Topps Desert Storm Series 2 Victory Series trading cards
        Series 2 Card List

89 Stinger Missile
90 "Carpet" Bombing
91 Rolling Out
92 M-551 Sheridan
93 M-2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
94 Laying an M-21 Mine
95 Machine Gun
96 M-1s Move Out
97 The Mighty M-1A1
98 TOW Missile
99 HMMWV The Hummer
100 LAV - Light Armored Vehicle
101 Iraq's SCUD Missile
102 Battleship Cannons
103 LCAC
104 A-6 Intruder
105 Dragon Missile Launcher
106 M-60's Reactive Armor
107 M-109 Howitzer
108 F-16 Fighter/Bomber
109 F-15 Eagle
110 F-14 Fighter
111 F-4 Phantom
112 A-7 Avenger
113 Wild Weasel
114 The Agile F-14
115 F-16 Fighting Falcon
116 F/A-18 Hornet
117 F-15 Dual-Role Eagle
118 A-10 Warthog
119 Stealth-F117A
120 USS Eisenhower
121 USS Longbeach
122 USS Wisconsin
123 USS Goldsborough
124 Marine APC
125 CH-47 Chinook
126 USS Sides
127 Desert Hawk
128 Apache Attack 'Copter
129 The Cobra
130 UH-60A
131 Chaparral Missile Launch System
132 F/A-18 Fighter
133 F-111 Aardvark
134 Tried & True B-52
135 B-52 in Formation
136 AV-8B Harrier
137 Prowler - The EA-6B
138 KC-10 - The Flying Gas Can
139 E-3 AWACS
140 What Is a Tank?
141 Unit Sizes - A
142 Unit Sizes - B
143 Military Terms - A
144 Military Terms - B
145 Desert Storm Slang
146 Allied Forces
147 Working Together
148 Becoming a Fighter Pilot
149 Top Gun
150 LVTP
151 The Marines Land
152 Harpoon Launch
153 Medical Support
154 Desert Drink
155 In the Cockpit
156 Mail Call
157 Gen. Schwarzkopf
158 Gen. Powell & Sec. Cheney
159 Lt. Gen. Horner
160 Lt. Gen. Kelly
161 Gen. Yeosock
162 Paratroopers Land
163 Multi-Launch Rocket System
164 AH-64 Apache Helicopter
165 Bomb's-Eye View
166 Patriot - The SCUD Intercepter
167 Tomahawk Cruise Missile
168 HAWK Missile
169 In the Trenches
170 Stopping the Oil's Flow
171 Anti-Chemical Gear
172 E-2C Hawkeye
173 Satellite Communications
174 Huey Cobra
175 Tent City
176 Checklist
Sampling of Topps Desert Storm Series 2 Victory Series trading cards
88 cards, blue lettering on grey stock, white lettering on red caption marquee, yellow shields.
11 puzzle stickers as described below.
A closeup look at just a few of the cards in the Topps Desert Storm - Series 2: Victory Series trading card set.  More of the air land and seapower machinery used by the Coalition in it's efforts to oust Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.  Also included are a few cards with more info about some of the military Command personnel.
Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards, Series 2: Victory Series
                        88 cards + 11 stickers, in protective box.
$12.95 plus postage *
Display of Topps Desert Storm 2 Victory Series Trading Cards Sticker Set
Display of Topps Desert Storm 2 Victory Series Trading Cards Sticker Set Puzzle
Topps Desert Storm Series 2: Victory Series Sticker Set  (above)
The sticker set with puzzle partially revealed (below)
23 USA
24 U.K.
25 Canada
26 Egypt
27 France
28 Kuwait
29 Morocco
30 Saudi Arabia
31 Syria
32 U.S.S.R.
33 United Nations
Series 2 Sticker Set:
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